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Planning Application SDNP/12/02275/CW for the use of inert construction and demolition waste to restore the Golding Barn Quarry off the A2037 Henfield Road

by derekdeedman on 19 November, 2012

This application is detailed on the South Downs National Park website. (If you are unable to find this direct you can access the planning applications part of their website via the link under planning on this website,  It will be seen that comments can be made and concerns raised on the application.

I am generally supportive to this planning application for the disposal of inert construction and demolition waste as it would enable this site to close some twenty years earlier than under the current planning permission, with a consequent early ending of lorry movements through Upper Beeding and Small Dole.

In view of the detailed application regarding lorries accessing and leaving the site over the expected ten year period involving fewer lorry movements than at present, there would appear to be no increased danger to equestrians using the public bridleway alongside the access route off the A2037 – in fact there is likely to be less danger. 

There should be a decrease in the current level of lorries going through Small Dole if this application is approved, especially as most of the inert construction and demolition waste should be coming from the Brighton/Hove/Worthing area using the A283 and then the A2037 through Upper Beeding. 

I am, however, concerned about the transport assessment, as it may well be that the Government’s economic programme for growth could result in input to the site taking place over a shorter time period compared with that upon which the assessment has been undertaken.  If a reduced, more intensive restoration period might be realised, I have commented that the Planning Authority should place a restriction on the total number of daily HGV movements in the interests of amenity, to ensure that there should be no significant impact upon the highway network above that currently provided for in the planning application.

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  1. Carol Rose says:

    Please can you explain how
    ‘there would appear to be no increased danger to equestrians using the public bridleway alongside the access route off the A2037 – in fact there is likely to be less danger.’
    In my opinion this is already a difficult place to ride due to lorries and cars speeding on the access road. To approve this and allow more speeding lorries and heavy machinery constantly working on site, can only be more hazardous for equestrians and other countryside users.

    The comment is based on the traffic statistics in the planning application which show that the speed limit is 5mph, and that the number of lorries carrying inert waste to the site would be less than the current number of lorries carrying chalk away from the site. I have asked that should the amount of inert waste be likely to be more than planned that the Planning Authority applies appropriate conditions to any approval to restrict this.

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