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It is Election Day Today!

by derekdeedman on 2 May, 2013

It is a bright and sunny day and so unless you have already voted by post there is no reason for not going to vote in these important elections for West Sussex County Council. When the votes are counted tomorrow we will all know who is to run the County Council for the next four years.

Here in Bramber Castle the Liberal Democrat candidate is Jessica Sproxton-Miller, and she is committed to continuing the campaigning policy on behalf of local people which Derek Deedman has followed for the last twelve years.

Out of all the improvements campaigned for by Derek, some work is still ongoing: – just remember, it was Derek Deedman and the Lib Dems who campaigned over the years for ….

* the removal of the road humps in The Street Bramber which have resulted in vibrations from traffic causing damage to the the historic buildings along this road. Derek has ensured the inclusion of a scheme in the Highways Works Plan, and Jessica would ensure that, subject to consultation, the work will be carried out soon.

* a 30 mph speed limit on Clays Hill which is now in operation. Sadly 30mph repeater signs are not allowed under current traffic legislation. Work will need to be undertaken to enforce the new speed limit and Jessica would continue the fight to achieve this.

*  a proper crossing for crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians on the Downs Link at the A283 in Bramber. Derek has requested that a suitable scheme be included in next Highways Works programme to be considered at the June meeting of the Chanctonbury County Local Committee. Jessica would work to ensure that such a scheme is included in the Plan.

* a reduced speed limit – from 40 to 30mph on Henfield Road with work by local people. Derek ensured that a Traffic Regulation Order was being approved for consultation this year for the work to take place. Jessica would ensure this happens.

* safety improvements at the A283 junction with Canons Way. Derek has already ensured visibility improvements and better traffic junction signs. Following a speed survey which showed 90% of traffic travels at under 60mph, Derek has called for a safety scheme to be considered in a future Highway Works Programme and Jessica would continue to work for this.

* safety improvements at the Horsham Road junction with Horsham Road. A scheme is now included in the Highway Works Programme and Jessica would ensure it is implemented.

Vote for Jessica Sproxton-Miller today to ensure these and other campaigns continue! 



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