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Chanctonbury County Local Committee (CLC) meets tomorrow 12 June

by derekdeedman on 11 June, 2013

The meeting starts at 7pm at St Marys CofE Primary School, Link Lane, Pulborough, RH20 2AN.

Items on the agenda relating to the Steyning area include: –

1. A progress report on the scheme for the removal  of road humps in The Streeet, Bramber. The scheme is with consultants for design. Once the designs are complete the   local member and police will be consulted on the proposals and a formal public consultation will be  undertaken.   The scheme is scheduled for implementation in 2014/15.

2. A progress report on the possibility of speed limit signs on Clays Hill, Bramber related to camera signs. The Safer Roads Partnership has advised that in regard to diagram 880 signs: ‘The camera warning signs referred to are only provided where active speed enforcement by camera is undertaken. Clays Hill is not a site enforced by the camera enforcement team and therefore the Partnership is unable to agree to the provision of such signs.’

3. Newham Close and Godstalls Lane, Steyning – Proposed Traffic Regulation Order. Following formal and public advertisement of the proposed Traffic Regulation Order to introduce lengths of double yellow lines around the junctions of Newham Lane with Hills Road, Newham Lane with Godstalls Lane and Newham Lane with Newham Close, a number of objections to the proposal have been received. Whilst I was the County Councillor I had received a requests from a number of local residents in Newham Close and Godstalls Lane for these waiting restrictions, but not one wrote in to support the consequent proposed TRO to implement such restrictions. In the circumstances I cannot disagree with the amended proposal to be considered by the CLC on Wednesday evening which, if approved, will now only include waiting restrictions at the junction of Newham Lane and Godstalls Lane.

4. A report which provides a progress update in relation to the work being undertaken by the CLC in relation to the development of its Local Infrastructure Plan. Committee members are asked to note the inclusion of the Community Issues List within the Local Infrastructure Plan and the on-going areas of work associated with identifying new priorities. I had previously submitted proposals to be considered for the future Plan to include safety improvements at the Canons Way junction with the A283 Steyning Bypass and a safe crossing provision for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians at the Downs Link crossing of the A283 in Bramber.

The meeting is open to the public and they are usually welcome to contribute to the debates, especially under the ‘Talk to Us’ item on the agenda, when any issues of local concern can be raised.

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