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Beginning of the end for the 106?

by derekdeedman on 4 July, 2013

I understand that the Saturday 106 bus service to Worthing is likely to end with effect from 2 September 2013.

Compass Travel, which provide the bus service with a subsidy from the local parish councils, have informed me that the work involved in supplying information to the parish councils to obtain a subsidy can no longer be justified in view of the low income earned. In any event Compass have learned informally that a further subsidy from all the councils involved to operate the service after that date is unlikely.

Having fought for so long on behalf of local people to achieve the provision of this direct bus service to Worthing it is very disappointing that the Saturday bus service is now likely to end, and that indeed the weekday service is also barely viable – despite it being run as part of contact with the Towers School. I hope that the number of weekday users can increase otherwise the Steyning/Bramber/Upper Beeding area will once again have no direct bus service to Worthing Hospital and the Worthing area.

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