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Slow progress on highway schemes in Bramber and Steyning

by derekdeedman on 11 July, 2014

I see from the minutes of the Chanctonbury County Local Committee meeting (CLC) on 11 June 2014, that there was a Progress Report on two highway schemes in the Bramber Castle area which was noted at the meeting.

1. The work to remove speed bumps at Bramber is now scheduled to start on 1st October 2014.

2. The officers would liaise with Steyning Parish Council to confirm the location of the junction improvement works on the A283 Steyning bypass. It was not stated which junction on the A283 (Canons Way or Horsham Road, although previously the Horsham Road junction was given a higher priority).

It is interesting to note that these schemes were approved by the Chanctonbury CLC before my retirement as the County Councillor for the area – slow progress indeed!

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