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The Liberal Democrat Local Election Manifesto launched

by derekdeedman on 23 April, 2015

The 2015 Liberal Democrat Local Election Manifesto is designed to show the relevant parts of the Lib Dem manifesto, launched last week, that affect local government. Some of the highlights:

Economy and Growth:

  • Devolved economic decision-making
  • Open up public procurement to SMEs & voluntary sector
  • Extend business rates review to consider Land Value Taxation

More & Better Homes:

  • Ten new ‘Garden Cities’
  • Targets for development of unwanted public-sector land
  • Review of Compulsory Purchase Legislation

Protecting Nature:

  • Pass a ‘Nature Act’ – setting Natural Capital Committee on statutory footing
  • Increasing green spaces
  • Better enforcement of environmental regulations

Read the full Local Election Manifesto, with an introduction by Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson and Cllr Kath Pinnock, here.

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