Action called for at Canons Way junction with A283, Steyning Bypass

by derekdeedman on 31 July, 2015

I have contacted the County Councillor for Bramber Castle for him to arrange to address the dangerous situation for vehicles exiting from Canons Way onto the Steyning Bypass.

Previous articles on this website in 2010 and 2012 reported on the action I had taken as the then County Councillor, which had resulted in county officers carrying out major works to cutback the overgrowing trees and vegetation in the visibility splay to enable traffic on the Bypass from the Washington direction to be seen in accordance with the original planning permission for the construction of the Canons Way exit onto the 60 mph Bypass.

Despite a number of emails in the last two months to county officers about the current dangerous situation, with overgrowing vegetation and tree saplings in the ditch alongside the bypass, making it very difficult to see traffic on the bypass approaching from the Washington direction at speeds up to 60 mph, the officers are refusing to take any action.

I have called on the current county councillor to take action to resolve the situation before there is another accident at this junction.





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