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Canons Way, Steyning, dangers grow from lack of visibility at junction with A283, Steyning Bypass

by derekdeedman on 27 August, 2015

On 31 July I reported on this website that I had raised the lack of action by the County Council  to clear the growing tress and bushes in the visibility splay at this junction with the local County Councillor.

Despite the length of time since the dangerous situation had been raised with the County Council (over two months now), no action has taken place, and now I have been informed that the officer involved is working full time on dealing with the A27 crash site at Shoreham Airport. Whilst it is right that the A27 site currently takes priority, it still does not explain why no action has been taken on the Canons Way visibility splay for over two months. And now the A283  is really the Worthing Bypass there has been a considerable increase in traffic, making it even more dangerous for vehicles turning right out of Canons Way with the continuing reduction in visibility from the growing trees and bushes in the visibility splay.

Hopefully there will not be an accident at this junction whilst the A283 remains being used as a bypass for Worthing, and that once the work at the A27 has been completed, the County Council will make clearing the visibility splay the next priority before/soon after the schools start again next week which will bring increased school traffic again to this junction.



2 Responses

  1. R Stanford says:

    Perhaps a roundabout would be a long term solution to this annual problem, understandably there would be an initial cost but surely the safety of the public outweighs this.

    Also speed humps in Henderson Walk area may reduce the amount of traffic flow or the speed as this is fast becoming both a problem and a danger to local residents.

    • derekdeedman says:

      A roundabout is not necessary at this junction. The County Council should maintain the visibilty splay which was a planning condition when the Canons Way junction was approved. When I was the County Councillor, the Highway Manager found that it was a planning requirement and arranged for a large cutback of the vegetation, bushes and trees which considerably enhanced the visibity for traffic exiting Canons Way. The current County Councillor seems unable to convince the officers of this legal requirement. Hopefully it will not need an accident before the Council admits it should fully restore the visibilty splay.
      As to speed humps in Henderson Walk it would be interesting to know what level of support there might be for this. The residents of The Street in Bramber campaigned for many years to have some of their road humps removed, and I achieved the approval of plans for this just before I retired from the Council.

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