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Sussex Police Horsham Neighbourhood Policing Team Weekly Update

by derekdeedman on 2 October, 2015

/E 2 October 15

News summaries, advice and appeals

Unfortunately over the last week we have seen a rise in shed/garage breaks and thefts from vehicles in Horsham District. We are increasing patrols in the area and are investigating this small series. We would like to remind people of the steps they can take to help protect their property. Please see our tips below:

Protecting your house

Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. In two out of ten burglaries no force is used, they simply enter through an open door or window. It is very difficult to make your house totally burglar-proof, but you can defeat most burglars.

Try looking at your home through a burglar’s eyes – look for places they could break in unseen: how strong are your locks on both the windows and doors: are there high hedges, trees or fences for the opportunistic thief to hide behind?

The enemy of the burglar is noise and time. Burglars can be put off if your security measures mean that the burglars have to take a lot of time, or make a lot of noise. For example, planting plants with sharp spikes in front of windows and down pipes, pea shingle on beds, gravel path and drive ways, window alarms, etc.

Leave a light on when you go out in the evening and be selective as if you really were in the house. Ask yourself what lights would be on.

Protecting your garden

Home-grown garden security need not cost a fortune, and in fact some measures can enhance your garden. A garden can never be completely secure, however there are many things that can be done to reduce the opportunity for the theft of tools, ornaments, and plants.

Gardens surrounded by a two-metre fence can be increased in height by fitting trellis. Trellis is fairly fragile and is difficult to climb.

Gravel paths act as a deterrent as they make a noise when walked upon.

Take a look at your garden shed, where you probably store expensive equipment like a lawn mower, strimmer, etc. – secure it with strong hinges and a good padlock. Consider a battery operated alarm or even extending your house alarm.

Security mark all tools and fittings, including garden furniture.
Garden furniture should be put away when not in use and secured to each other with a high tensile cord.

Ladders should be padlocked.

Garden lighting can be effective if you use the correct type.
Check that your household insurance policy covers theft from your garden and outbuildings.

Keyholder register – Peace for a Pound

Sussex Police have joined up with the key holder scheme ‘Peace for a Pound’ (the trading name of GRG PR Ltd). The scheme enables Sussex Police to contact you, or one of your designated keyholders, if there is an emergency affecting your property.

The scheme also helps to maximise the possibility that any stolen property can be returned to you, by issuing a unique number that can be inscribed on property with an ultra violet pen. The scheme can be used for home or business premises.

Annual registration to the scheme costs £12 (£1.00 per month) per address registered.

Only the police have access to the information you supply.

For details of the terms and conditions please visit the Peace for a Pound website.

Remember car security too…

If you park your car out in the countryside, take your bag or wallet with you and don’t leave other belongings on view in your car. Even an old coat left in sight could tempt someone to break in.

The majority of this type of crime is opportunistic, and occurs because valuables have been left on view or the vehicle left insecure. If a vehicle is left insecure it only takes 10 seconds for your valuables to be stolen.

Always lock your car – for however short a period of time

Remove valuables from the car – don’t hide things in the glove box

Wipe off any tell-tale sat nav marks left behind on your windscreen

Close your windows

Double check the central locking has worked and your car is secure

Where possible, park your vehicle in a busy, well-lit area

Never leave your keys in the vehicle, even if you are just leaving it for a few seconds

If a vehicle is left insecure it only take 10 seconds for your valuables to be stolen.

For the latest news please click on the link below to the Sussex Police news pages:

Other Crimes/Incidents from across the Horsham District this week:

If you have seen or heard anything related to these incidents please contact  Sussex Police here, email, call 101 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.





Cowfold 1204 25/09

Horsham Road, Cowfold

Between 5pm on Saturday 19 September and 1pm on Monday 21 September. Various items were stolen including a strimmer and Calor gas bottles.



25/09 Steyning Athletic Club, Charlton Street

Between 8:30pm on Thursday 24 September and 6:45pm on Friday 25 September the Steyning Athletic Club was broken into.

Mannings Heath 382 27/09 Pound Lane, Mannings Heath

Between 3pm on Saturday 26 September and 8:30am on Sunday 27 September a property in Pound Lane had their shed broken into. The shed door was forced to gain entry. Various items stolen including a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer.

Cowfold 639


Horsham Road, Cowfold

Between 1pm on Saturday 26 September and 11am on Sunday 27 September a property had their shed broken into. Fortunately nothing was stolen.

Cowfold 1089 27/09

Horsham Road, Cowfold

Between 5pm on Saturday 26 September and 7:30am on Sunday 27 September a shed was broken into along Horsham Road. Two chainsaws were taken.

Bramber 0074 28/09

Sopers Lane, Bramber

Relates to reports of a property that had an attempt break in. This occurred at approximately 3:10am on Monday 28 September. Intruders were disturbed and an extensive area search was carried out.

Steyning 361 25/09

Steyning Grammar, Lower School, Church Street

Damage was caused to several doors at the school. Between 8:15pm on Thursday 24 September and 7:15am on Friday 25 September. Nothing was taken from the School.

Steyning 0083 26/09 High Street, Steyning

Relates to a report of four youths trying car door handles along Steyning High Street. This happened at approx. 1:40am.



28/09 Maudlyn Park, Bramber

A vehicle parked in Maudlyn parked had a wallet stolen from it. This occurred overnight from Sunday 27 September and Monday 28 September.



28/09 Haybarn Drive, Horsham

Between 9:30am – 6:30pm a property in Haybarn Drive was subject to a burglary. Various items were stolen including a silver Asus laptop and a black Acer laptop, a PlayStation 4 with two controllers, some cash including sterling and euros, two red and black bicycles, an iPod, a hudl tablet and a Sony Alpha digital camera were among items stolen. The suspects may have used two holdalls as these were also stolen from the house.



28/09 Westons Hill, Itchingfield

There has been a report of an attempt break in to a garage. Damage was caused to the door frame. This occurred between Friday 25 September and Monday 28 September.




Newham Lane, Steyning

Three vehicles were broken into along Newham Lane. Nothing was stolen but searches of the glove boxes were made of all three vehicles. This occurred on




Charlton Street, Steyning

Between 12pm on Sunday 27 September and 10am on Monday 28 September a vehicle parked along Charlton Street had a Stihl 025 chainsaw stolen from it.



29/09 Crossgates, Amberley

Between 10:00pm on Monday 28 September and 5am on Tuesday 29 September a property has had their shed broken into. A Flymo petrol hover mower, an orange Echo long arm hedge cutter, a Stihl 023 chainsaw in orange were among the items stolen.




Coney Croft, Horsham

Between 10pm Wednesday 30 September and 7:47am on Thursday 1 September a property in Coney Croft had their garage broken into. The door was forced and fishing equipment was taken, as well as a black Ellsworth mountain bike and an orange and silver Gasgas TXT270 trials motorcycle.




Trafalgar Road, Horsham

Between 11am – 12:45pm on Wednesday 30 September a Suzuki Carry 1.3 van was stolen. The vehicle was left parked on Trafalgar Road.




Littlehaven Lane, Horsham

Between Friday 25 September and 6pm on Thursday 1 October. A Property in Littlehaven Lane was subject to a burglary. Entry was gained by breaking a window and jewellery was taken.

Where are your officers this week?

For your local officer’s contact details, information about local events and meetings and actions being taken regarding your priorities click on your ward below (Ctrl + click to follow the link):

(Please note that the way the areas below are named reflect how they are shown on the Sussex Police website and are set by the Home Office and cannot be changed).

Billingshurst, Shipley, Pulborough and Coldwaltham

Broadbridge Heath and Southwater

Chantry and Thakeham

Cowfold, Shermanbury, West Grinstead and Henfield

Denne and Forest

Holbrook East and West

Horsham Park and Trafalgar

Roffey North and South

Rudgwick, Itchingfield and Slinfold

Rusper, Colegate and Nuthurst

Steyning, Bramber, Upper Beeding, Ashington and Woodmancote


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