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Sussex Police Horsham Neighbourhood Policing Team Resolution Centre Update

by derekdeedman on 29 October, 2015


Dear Horsham District Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators

I am writing in relation to the implementation of our Resolution Centre and would like to take this opportunity to update you on the next stage of this process.

The Resolution Centre is a telephone and online based function that will provide transparent, accurate information and resolution at the earliest opportunity, increasing public confidence and managing expectations. It will replace the need for officers to attend prearranged appointments so they can focus on emergency calls.

The Resolution Centre will manage demand “differently” to the way we currently do. At the moment we send officers to many incidents and a very large proportion of these could be resolved without deploying a unit. This is where a considerable decrease in demand on our front line will come from.

This will be a phased roll out so that changes can be tracked and managed appropriately to ensure we get it right. We are now entering the initial phase of implementation for the Resolution Centre where a small team will ‘go live’ on 26th October.

The new Local Policing Model does not have capacity for the police to act beyond its remit.  Policing will become less a service of last resort in many non-policing matters and focus more on areas where real impact can be delivered in reducing crime and disorder. We will prioritise those who are vulnerable and where there is threat, risk and harm.

Consultation with local authorities and community groups to agree the best use of police resources and engagement across Local Commands will need to be achieved and the LPP team are looking at how we can fully involve you in our design of future services. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this so that we can ensure we change together.

The public will be encouraged to use alternative channels to access policing services.  Information sharing and partnership working will continue but we will encourage a focus on more on-line contact with shared access where available.

Ultimately, the Resolution Centre will be enabling us to make better use of our resources whilst maintaining public satisfaction.

Chief Inspector Howard Hodges
Adur, Worthing and Horsham Commander
West Sussex Division

Hello Derek

I attended a committee meeting back in Spring where Commander Hodges was talking about some of these issues. Basically, the police end up as a backstop for everything where other organisations have made cut backs. They no longer have the resources to deal with these matters. As an example, if there is a homeless person living on the streets with mental health problems, previously the police might have been involved to deal with any problems arising. In effect, the mental health issues should be the responsibility of the NHS and the homelessness the District Council. As neither of these two organisations have the funding to deal adequately with such circumstances either – and a homeless single adult is off their radar – the police have stepped in to help. Now they won’t unless someone is particularly vulnerable. This means the charities are expected to plug the gap, but their funding is also cut. So we get back to the Big Society. Austerity, which in my view is unnecessary in a wealthy economy such as the UK, means that whereas the state would previously have taken preventative action to look after those who were in difficulty, now will do nothing.

The vast majority have not noticed yet what is happening. A few complaints about neglect of weeds and lack of enforcement of disabled parking are trivial compared to all the other areas which are being cut back. It will take a few tragic incidents before the public and the media really notice what is going on. The sad death of a baby due to his parents living in a car and not being homed by a council, as they disowned the problem, was one such event.


It just shows how much Clegg and the Lib Dems helped restrain Osborne as far as they could, but even so Osborne brought in too many dreadful policies, and now he is unleashed.


Best wishes


Frances Haigh, former Lib Dem Leader on Horsham District Council

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