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Sussex Police under attack from the Tories

by derekdeedman on 7 November, 2015

Sussex Police is set to lose some £57m  ( around 20% of its annual budget) over the next few years because of George Osborne’s cuts. This means some 500 fewer Police officers in Sussex, and already PCSO’s are effectively being phased out, as now recruiting is taking place as they resign or retire.

There will be less and less visible police presence in most areas, especially rural, and many crimes will now longer result in a police attendance, but merely the giving out of a crime number for insurance purposes.

Dr James Walsh, Liberal Democrat group leader on West Sussex County Council, and a past Chairman of Sussex Police Authority said:

“Frankly this is a disgrace from any government, let alone a Tory one. It means greater freedom for criminals, with less visible policing, less crime prevention and almost certainly fewer detections and convictions. Sussex is currently a safe place to live, but I am really worried at what these swingeing cuts will mean.”

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