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Lib Dems in House of Lords stand up to Osborne’s attack on disabled support

by derekdeedman on 6 March, 2016

Liberal Democrat peers have voted to delay devastating Government cuts to disabled support funding. The Government’s plans would have seen some disabled people deemed unfit for work lose £30 a week.

Liberal Democrats voted for the publication of a report estimating the impact of the planned cuts on the physical and mental health; financial situation; and ability to return to work of those affected, to be laid before Parliament before any changes to support come into force.

Zahida Manzoor, Liberal Democrat Welfare Spokesperson, said:

“It is vital the Government reconsider their ruthless cuts to some of the most vulnerable in society. It is dangerous and immoral to push those suffering with mental health conditions into financial hardship

“This has nothing to do with reforming the benefits system it is simply a result of George Osborne chasing arbitrary appending targets at any cost. He needs to rethink his priorities and not play with people’s quality of life just so he can feel tough on the economy.

“The Liberal Democrats have given him a chance to rethink his decision. A chance to give people the support they need, not leave them out in the cold.

“The lives of our most vulnerable are too important to play political games with.”

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