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Sussex Policing in Danger of part-Privatisation, Claims Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Lib Dem candidate, James Walsh

by derekdeedman on 18 March, 2016

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Dr James Walsh is claiming that having 1000 fewer Police officers and staff, and no new PCSO’s, as proposed by the current Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) will lead to part-privatisation of policing in Sussex.

Dr James Walsh, a former Chairman of Sussex Police Authority said:” It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are heading under the current Commissioner towards more “Business Wardens” and “Community Wardens” instead of proper Police and PCSO’s.  Business Wardens are operating under a pilot project in Eastbourne & Littlehampton, funded for two years only by the Home Office and Southern Co-op.  After that, if they are successful ( which I doubt, as they do not have police powers) they will have to be paid for by traders, businesses and/or local councils.

Similarly with the virtual abolition of visible community policing by Police officers and PCSO’s, “Community Wardens” can be paid for by Parish and Town Councils who wish to and can afford to. This will inevitably lead to a two-tier policing system, with wealthier parishes and towns having a service, and other poorer areas going without, with negative effects on crime and disorder.

I say very clearly that what MOST of our residents want and deserve, from Sussex Police own research, is visible community policing by neighbourhood police and PCSO’s in all our towns and villages, paid for by the Home Office and local Police Tax. That is what I will campaign on, and what I will incessantly lobby Government and MP’s for on behalf of Sussex. I aim to be the voice of the community in Sussex Police, rather than the voice of Sussex Police in the community.”

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