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Steyning Parish Council By-election 6 October – what do the candidates stand for?

by derekdeedman on 24 September, 2016

Another Steyning Council By-election and again no information about the candidates!

As a postal voter I know the names of the two candidates, but although all electors should know there is an election, as there are poll cards for every elector, most non-postal voters are unlikely to know who the candidates are. Since one is standing as an Independent and the other has no description, and neither is apparently distributing any leaflets, it is not even possible to have any idea of their views on local issues nor the sort of policies they might support or be against

There has been much information in the local press in the past about one of the candidates who has been a leading member of the Friends of the Memorial Field, but there appears to be no widespread knowledge of what he would do as parish councillor. Apart from the other candidate being described as ‘Independent’, there has been no leaflet to say what he would do as a parish councillor.

It is not too late for both candidates to distribute a leaflet to say what they stand for and what they would do on the Parish Council if elected. Hopefully this will happen, as the By-Election is costing Council Tax payers a lot of money and the least both candidates can do, having decided to stand, is to let us know why.


I am pleased to report that following the posting of the above article, the Independent candidate contacted me  to say that he was already organising the distribution  of a leaflet setting out why he is standing for the Parish Council. Hopefully the leaflet will be delivered to every household within the fairly short time available for postal voters to vote and have their postal ballot received by Horsham District Council.


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  1. Sue Shaw says:

    We did not receive any literature on either of the candidates. Once again a classic example of those who are in the know will be able to make an educated judgement on who they vote for and the remainder of us who do not necessarily routinely get involved in village politics will either not vote or make a stab in the dark.
    This needs addressing as a matter of urgency. If candidates do not submit a formal mandate to be published and available all eligible voters they should not be allowed to stand.

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