Have you signed the Stop Car Parking Charges for Steyning form?

by derekdeedman on 16 December, 2016

As previously reported on this website, Horsham District Council intend enforcing car parking charges on the three main car parks in Steyning from 1 April 2017.

Sadly the two Tory Horsham District Councillors for Steyning, and the Tory West Sussex County Councillor for the area, appear to have not put up much of fight against the proposal by their Tory colleages running the District Council.

The ‘Save the Steyning High Street’ campaign group have circulated a leaflet to all households in Steyning setting out the implications of the car parking charges proposal on local people, local businesses, car parking in the Town and on the High Street and nearby residential roads. The Campaign Group leaflet sets out it’s suggested alternative to increase the Steyning Parish Council precept to cover the District Council’s car parking costs to keep parking in the Town free at the point of use for everyone. For more information visit the Save Steyning High Street Facebook page.

To help stop parking charges in Steyning please complete and sign the leaflet form delivered to your house and return it by 31 December to Steyning Post Office or Sussex Produce Company, 88 High Street, Steyning.


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