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Help us fight hard Brexit – message from Tim Farron – Leader of the Liberal Demcrats

by derekdeedman on 16 January, 2017

It’s official. In a speech on Tuesday, Theresa May will announce she’s pushing for a Hard Brexit, that includes the UK leaving the single market.

That will be a disaster for jobs, for businesses and for our economy – and we cannot let it happen.

Can you help us fight back against a hard Brexit and help us fight to keep Britain in the single market today, by sharing this petition on Facebook & Twitter?

Help us fight hard Brexit

More than 5,000 people have already joined our campaign – and every extra voice gives us a better chance of stopping this madness, so please, share the campaign today.

And if you haven’t already signed the petition, once you’ve shared it, please add your name too:


Tim Farron
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

PS: We’re running online adverts to help raise awareness of the campaign, a donation of £5 today will mean an extra 12,000 people see our campaign. Will you chip in to make our voice louder? Donate

Published and promoted by Tim Gordon on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE.

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