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County Council Election Day – Today, 4 May

by derekdeedman on 4 May, 2017

If yoy are a voter living in Ashurst, Bramber, Steyning, Upper Beeding or Woodmancote don’t forget to vote for Ross Wellby – Liberal Democrat candidate for Bramber Castle. NO ONE ElSE CAN BEAT THE TORY!

Ross has fought a strong campaign with many residents meeting him as he delivered at least one of the several leaflets outlinging what he will do for local people if elected today as County Councillor for Bramber Castle.

I was the previous Lib Dem County Councillor and retired in 2013. Since then Bramber Castle has been represented by a Conservative who has not kept local people regularly informed of his activities on their behalf and has failed to support us over major threats to our local economy (the introduction of car parking charges) and environment (inclusion of a quarry just outside Steyning in the County Minerals Plan). Indeed his particular claim to ‘fame’ is being promoted to being a Cabinet Member – in which post he has struck another blow to our environment by reducing the operating days and hours at the domestic waste recycling site in Shoreham (and elsewhere in the County).

Ross will restore the service to the local community we have received from previous Lib Dem County Councillors, if elected today – please give him your vote! A VOTE FOR ANYONE ELSE WILL ENSURE THE RETURN OF THE TORY!

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