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WSCC MMinerals Local Plan – Ham Farm site, Steyning – Victory for local residents as Inspector requires removal of the proposed sand quarry site from the Local Plan

by derekdeedman on 8 December, 2017

This major amendment to the West Sussex Mineral Local Plan is recommended for approval by the County Council on 15 December. These are necessary as, following the examination of the Plan by government-appointed Inspector in September of the original Plan approved by the Tory County Council, the Inspector has indicated that changes need to be made to the submitted Plan to make it ‘sound’ and suitable for adoption.

Accordingly, County Council and SDNPA officers have prepared a schedule of proposed modifications to the submitted Plan (including to a number of policies and the site allocations). The County Council report sets out the background to the modifications which, subject to approval by the County Council on 15 December 2017, will be published to allow representations on their ‘soundness’ and compliance with legal requirements for an eight week period commencing in January 2018

Appendix A to the County Council report includes the modifications proposed by the Authorities to the Proposed Submission Draft West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan. Broadly modifications are proposed as follows:

  1. To address representations submitted on the Proposed Submission Draft West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan;
  2. To address matters raised in hearing statements and during the hearings part of the examination; and,
  3. To address typographical and grammatical errors.

The Main Modifications are amendments considered necessary to ensure the soundness of the Joint Minerals Local Plan and are referenced with the prefix ‘MM’.

MM3 Text under heading “Chapter 7: Strategic Minerals Site Allocations” Chapter 7: Strategic Minerals Site Allocations

The only site allocations in the original Plan were for additional minerals sites as follows:

  • An extension to West Hoathly claypit (clay). · Ham Farm, Steyning (soft sand)

The modification to the Plan, to ensure it is now justified and consistent with national policy, Chapter 1: Introduction to Minerals Planning MM4 Para 1.3.1 Amend last sentence: To reflect the deletion of Ham Farm (Policy M11).

So a great victory for local campaigners to remove this threat of an eyesore of a sand quarry on Steyning’s doorstep, right next to the South Downs National Park and the consequent increase in dangerous heavy traffic which would have resulted from the quarry.   

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