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by derekdeedman on 21 February, 2018


2018/19 £m
Additional Spending  Proposed  for Adults Social Care 4.101

Reverse budget reduction re: Extra cost of

Apprenticeship Levy for 2018/19 on Schools



Provide additional resource to benefit high needs pupils including special schools 1.500
Total Additional Proposed Spending 6.351
Funded by:

(a)         An increase in council tax in 2018/19, comprising:


·         3.00% for Adults’ Social Care, plus

·         2.95% to support other General Fund services,

·         Making a total increase of 5.95%[1]




(b)         Reduced spending on Infrastructure Feasibility in the package of measures within the £2.5m funded by the extra 1% on council tax (as set out at paragraph 4.10 of the report) -0.800
(c)         Reduced growth in Finance and Resources re: increased support for procurement (£0.250m), One Public Estate revenue costs (£0.250m), Capital Programme Office (£0.150m). -0.650
(d)        Reduced growth in Leader (including economy) re: new growth team positions. -0.175
(e)         Reduced spending re: the Policy and Communications Team (total budget current £1.538m, new budget proposed for £0.913m). -0.625
Total Additional Funding -6.351
Net Change 0





2018/19 Budget

This budget amendment would generate an additional £4.1m in council tax specifically for adult social care services which would be utilised to increase the number of beds for those with complex needs; enhance the County Councils directly provided care services, enhance the support available to carers, increase the funding available through the Local Assistance Network, and support other areas of high need currently under financial pressure.

Furthermore it would ensure that a further burden in the form of the apprenticeship levy, would not be passed onto schools in 2018/19 in view of the immense pressure they are currently operating under.

There is a projected increase of £6m expenditure in the area of High Needs in 2018/19 and an estimated high needs pressure of £4.92m in 2019/20. The proposed allocation of £1.5m will ease the pressure on special schools, some of whom have had to send pupils home due to safety concerns.

The proposals for the apprentice levy and for high needs would be for 2018/19 only.

2019/20 Budget


We proposed no reduction in bus subsidies in 2019/20 to provide additional time for alternative options to be given full consideration.  This would cost £0.500m (shown in Appendix 3, page 46).  No balanced budget is being presented for 2019/20, but the budget gap shown in Table 4(a) (page 14 of Annexe 1) would increase from £8.4m to £8.9m.


[1] The 1% increase in Adult Social Care precept would result in a sum of £1,330.29 to the nearest penny for Band D council tax

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