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No cost to change to AV say Treasury

by derekdeedman on 2 March, 2011

Readers of the Independent on Sunday last weekend, will know that the ‘No to the Alternative Vote’ campaign has been plunged into chaos, as a leaked Treasury document demolished a central plank of their case. The report showed a senior government minister admitting that the outcome of the referendum would not have ANY impact in terms of public spending:

This fully rebuts the claims of the No camp, who have desperately claimed that a Yes vote in the AV referendum would jeopardise the lives of premature babies, or members of our armed forces (even local Tory MP, Nick Herbert, has claimed it could cost up to £250m!):

As the Labour ‘Yes to AV’ campaign told The Independent, this blows the No campaign’s fake figures out of the water.  The British people deserve an honest and open debate on the real issues of this referendum, not a bogus debate based on bogus figures. This kind of shameful scaremongering is exactly the type of old politics we need to change.

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