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by derekdeedman on 1 May, 2011

The NO campaign will say anything to stop giving voters more of a say, and to defend the old ‘jobs for life’ culture at Westminster.

Under the present First Past the Post system (FPTP) MPs can win seats with as few as 1 in 3 voters voting for them,

The No campaign’s sums, like their arguments, simply don’t add up. Electronic counting machines costing £m’s aren’t an issue in this referendum – the only piece of equipment needed with AV as with FPTP is a pencil.

The leaders of the Green, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Scottish & Welsh Nationalists and Ukip Parties all support the YES campaign, only the leaders of the BNP and Conservative Party want a NO vote,

In Britain millions of people in business, charities and trade unions already use AV. Political parties use it to elect their leaders. When MPs are the voters – AV is the system they choose. When a real winner is needed to speak for the majority AV is the system to use.

The AV system is a small change that will make a big difference – making MPs work harder to get and stay elected, and giving you more of a say.  No wonder the old political establishment will say anything to stop it happening.

It is as easy as 1,2,3.

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