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West Sussex Lib Dems slam Tory Censorship as Callous

by derekdeedman on 16 October, 2012

Dr James Walsh, Deputy Group Leader and Health/Social Care spokesman, commenting on the Tory decision to ban a 5 minute video presentation by a severely disabled resident to the County Council on Friday said;

“This is a callous attempt to muzzle a local resident who cannot speak for more than a few seconds without using this pre-prepared video speech. The Tories do not want to hear the truth about their savage cuts to care services from one of the victims. They claim it would disrupt the start of the meeting, but this is nonsense as the screen and projector are already set up!”

“The council leadership is fond of claiming that they always listen to residents’ concerns, but this proves that to be a false and discriminatory claim. There are none so deaf as those who won’t listen.”

Derek Deedman, County Councillor for Bramber Castle, said;

“As a member of the County Learning Difficulties Partnership Board, I am very aware of the impact the social care cuts are having on those with a learning disability. Other councillors may not be aware of the full impact of these cuts and so it is very sad that the presentation has been banned, even if it does not comply exactly with Council rules.”   

On Friday Liberal Democrats will be supporting attempts to use £1-2 million of the £175million the county has in total reserves to re-instate some of the cuts, especially the day services to the disabled and elderly.

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  1. Police Conduct says:

    After reading this very informative website, I understand that 1 million WOMEN suffer from domestic abuse?

    Pretty much every police website and police officers view certainly in Sussex usually refers domestic abuse to women.
    I currently believe that we are in the year 2012 and women are equal status to men! I am fed up with social groups and police always referring to domestic abuse about women and not about men? Whilst I understand that woman report more domestic abuse crimes than men in the UK, men are still at hands of domestic abuse. Also as long as society and websites like this keep reporting the crime solely about women no wonder men feel embarrassed to report the crimes or feel too ashamed to admit this.
    Also it appears when you file a complaint about a woman abuser the police force in Sussex ignores your complaints making you feel even more ashamed.

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