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Steyning and Woodmancote Parish Councils meet this week

by derekdeedman on 12 November, 2012

Steyning Parish Council meets this evening, 7.30pm at the Steyning Centre.

Woodmancote Parish Council meets tomorrow evening, 7.30pm at the Parish Hall, Brighton Road, Woodmancote.

My report to both councils includes: –

  1. The next Chanctonbury County Local Committee (CLC) meeting takes place on Wednesday, 5 December at Storrington First School, Spierbridge Road, Storrington. Although the CLC at the meeting on 3 October requested a report for the December meeting on future Infrastructure Plan priorities, the draft agenda only refers to a verbal report on S106 monies. In addition there is no planned report on the draft agenda about the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) works priority list for 2013/14. The Chanctonbury County Councillors will be meeting in January to consider the list of proposed TROs to be proposed to the CLC meeting on 6 March 2013 at the Steyning Centre.
  2. The County Council meeting on 19 October approved the Draft Waste Plan and this now replaces previously approved draft waste plans for development control purposes. Further public consultation will now take place before it is submitted to the Secretary of State during 2013. The Old Cement Work Site is not included the Waste Plan – as I have been campaigning for since 1999.
  3. There is likely to be a further freeze of the County element of Council Tax next year. This would mean a restriction on the provision for inflation and any committed growth in services to just 1%. At a recent meeting of county councillors we were told that it is intended that in these circumstances there would be no further service cuts above those already planned (as part of the £79m savings) and the cost of this would be met from ‘contingencies’.
  4. There will be a county councillors development session on 22 November to explore what opportunities the government’s new Green Deal initiatives will bring to West Sussex. Hopefully this will include the possibility of working with other organisations to help householders reduce their energy use and to reduce energy prices. 
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