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Traffic Regulation Orders could be promoted and funded by Parish Councils

by derekdeedman on 28 January, 2013

I have recently been contacted about whether the Chanctonbury County Local Committees (CLC) could give a grant to parish councils that wished to approve a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which did not have a high priority for direct County Council funding. 

There has been a clear policy decision that the CLC would not fund parish councils that raise their own revenues. However, where parish councils decided to provide their own funds in respect of obtaining a TRO, then where the official TRO approval process is followed the CLC could consider making the final approval. 

So using a 20 mph zone example, if Steyning Parish Council decided it wished to propose a zone covering the whole of the Steyning residential area including the High Street (from the road entrances at the top of Clays Hill and at the Leisure Centre in Horsham Road), then provided the Parish Council was prepared to cover all the costs involved (e.g. investigation, design, consultation, legal publicity and committee reports), I am sure that if supported by public opinion the CLC would then consider giving  approval. (The Chairman of Chanctonbury CLC also supports this view.) 

Another example has also been suggested regarding The Bostal in Upper Beeding. It is now possible that a Byway open to all traffic (BOAT) might be approved by the Secretary of State. Again it is likely that controlling the use of such traffic might be achieved by a TRO, but this would probably not have sufficient priority to be considered by the County Council. In such circumstances Upper Beeding Parish Council consider funding an appropriate TRO.

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