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Potholes galore, but Conservatives reject Lib Dem move to add £7m to roads budget!

by derekdeedman on 16 February, 2013

At the Council meeting on 15 February to agree the Council Tax for 2013/14, the Liberal Democrat opposition on the County Council proposed that £7m be added to the roads budget. This would have been funded by underspendings on the current year’s accounts, and the use of the extra Business Rate Grant for 2013/14 notified late to the Council, but not taken into account in the budget papers.  

With so many defects and potholes in the highways and the impact this is having on businesses and local people, together with poorly maintained pavements throughout the County, you might have thought that the Conservatives would have been pleased to endorse the Lib Dem proposal – but no, they rubbished it and then voted it down!

Local residents are well aware of the number of potholes in our area and the number of roads which need to be properly resurfaced to reduce potholes occurring in the future. And of the number of pavements that have not seen any maintenance for years, posing a daily threat of falls to our older population. I was very pleased to speak in support of the Lib Dem proposal and to highlight the extra funds available, but the Conservatives were not interested.

To watch the full debate on the budget at County Hall go to the webcam link under ‘Local Council – Derek in action on at County Council meetings’ on this website or go via the West Sussex County Council website.

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