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Nick Clegg launches Lib Dem local election camapign

by derekdeedman on 13 April, 2013

An extract form Nick Clegg’s speech: –

“Next month, in wards/divisions across the country, people will be confronted with the same choice. Despite all their stated differences, a vote for Labour or the Tories will be a vote for the same thing.

“Their record in local government shows that, even when millions of families are feeling the pinch, they’ll both squander taxpayers’ money on waste, inefficiency and their own vanity projects.

“A vote for the Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, is a vote for a party which – wherever we’re in power – does it’s best to spread the burden of austerity fairly, investing in jobs and help for hard-pressed families. Only the Liberal Democrats will build a stronger economy and a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.”

To see the full speech click on to the Liberal Democrat Voice website.


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