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Liberal Democrat comments on latest General Election news – Non Doms, UK Borders, SATS and Low emission cars

by derekdeedman on 9 April, 2015

Labour’s non dom tax plans

Labour had thirteen years in government to make rich non-doms pay their fair share, yet failed spectacularly to do anything about it.

Non-dom numbers exploded under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, more than doubling when Ed Miliband was an adviser in the Treasury.

It’s clear that non-dom status is open to abuse which is why Liberal Democrats in government have ensured those with the broadest shoulders make a fair contribution to Britain.

We came down hard on those who stayed in the UK for long periods without paying their share – increasing charges on non-doms year-on-year since 2010. Labour used to allow non-doms to sit in the House of Lords, Lib Dems stopped that.

In the next parliament we want to go further by radically reforming the rules and significantly increasing the charges for non-doms to secure an additional £130m for the public purse.

The key tests are what maximises revenue for the exchequer and best supports our economic recovery.

Start of Exit checks at UK borders

The Lib Dems are pleased exit checks are now being introduced. We worked hard in government to ensure the Home Office delivers this important policy.

Only by counting people in and out can we restore confidence in our immigration system.

Tory plans for school pupils who fail SATs

This is a bad idea and misses the point. The Tories’ plan for devastating cuts to education budgets means they have no credibility on school standards.

You simply can’t improve schools by starving them of resources and burdening them with the bureaucracy of additional testing.

The way to make sure every child starts secondary school achieving a good level of Maths and English is to invest in their early years and primary education, recruiting great teachers and getting extra support to the children who most need it.

That’s why we need to protect the education budget, in real terms, including schools, nurseries and colleges.

The Tories are trying to paper over the cracks in their scorched earth education plans that would undo the progress of the last five years.

Lib Dems promote Low Emission Cars

We will spark a low emission car revolution in Britain, starting with a £100m prize fund for car makers.

They will receive the multi-million pound fund when they produce an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) that becomes a top five selling car over the course of a year.

Announcing the new £100m prize fund, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg said:

“For the first time since the 1970s, Britain now sells more cars than it buys thanks to Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats being in the driving seat at the Department for Business.

“However, we need to go further and faster in making Britain a world leader in low emission vehicles by providing the right incentives and infrastructure to attract green investment and green jobs.

“This isn’t just about re-balancing the economy, it’s also about tackling dangerous levels of air pollution that reduce average life expectancy by up to 8 months.

“Our Liberal Democrat £100m prize fund will spark a low emission car revolution in Britain and help to build a stronger and greener economy for years to come.”

The prize fund, infrastructure upgrades and support for R&D combined are all part of a bold ambition to have all cars on UK roads ultra-low emission from 2040 onwards.


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