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Overhanging bushes Castle Lane footpath bypass on A283 being tackled

by derekdeedman on 28 August, 2015

It is now not possible to walk along the footpath, let alone cycle without going onto the grass verge. Following my question to the Clerk to Bramber Parish Council as to whether  anything is being done to tackle the overhanging bushes on this footpath just south of the entrance from De Braose Way, I have now had a response.
The Clerk says:  “This is just to let you know that we are working on it. We hope to get a group of volunteers to do the work-failing that I will contact the rangers at WSCC. It is also being discussed at our (Parish Council) meeting on 2nd Sept.”
Hopefully the work can be carried out soon, as with all the rain we are having the grass verge will turn into a muddy mess if cyclists and walkers have to continue to use it for much longer. It is especially important to complete the work before the schools go back next week as it is a safe route to school for students from Bramber and Upper Beeding.
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