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Fighting a positive EU campaign POSTED BY BEN CAMPBELL | UPDATED 2016-03-04

by derekdeedman on 5 March, 2016

Many people are already getting tired of listening to the Conservatives bickering with each other over Europe and resorting to scare tactics to make their case. So it’s vital we fight a positive, patriotic campaign that is based on hope not fear.

There is so much we have achieved already in Europe. Together we have delivered decades of peace and prosperity and created the world’s largest ever trading area. That has given us cheaper flights, lower mobile roaming charges and the opportunity to live, work and retire across the continent.

Together we are stronger in the fight against global problems like climate change and terrorism. British police have access to the tools they need to keep us safe and our world-beating scientists have access to vital EU research projects. And we enjoy the highest consumer and environmental protections in the world. Of course no-one is saying the EU is perfect. Just like all institutions it is in constant need of reform. But we do that by rolling up our sleeves and winning the argument, not pulling out and leaving ourselves isolated and alone. Staying in Europe means we can continue working to deliver more opportunity, more security and more prosperity. So if you haven’t done so already join us today in this once-in-a-generation fight.

No truck with Boris
Boris likes to bang on about Brussels, and he’s never been one to stick entirely to the facts. So when he cited the blocking of rules on safer lorries as a reason to leave the EU I thought I should take him to task.
It was actually his own Conservative Minister Stephen Hammond who originally tried to block the EU law, which will reduce fatal accidents with cyclists by changing lorry design rules to improve driver visibility. Boris knows this full well, as he wrote to Mr Hammond at the time urging him to support the proposal at the time!
In the end it was thanks to the hard work of my former Lib Dem colleagues Phil Bennion and Fiona Hall that the safer lorry designs were pushed through the European Parliament and will come into force in 2019. This was a huge achievement. With so many lorry drivers from around Europe in our roads, it was vital to get these changes implemented across the EU.
We can expect a lot more of these lies and distortions as the referendum campaign goes on, so please do follow my Euromyth buster page to get the
bottom of them.

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