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Save Steyning: Stop the quarry planned for the edge of the village says Jamie Counihan, local Lib Dem campaigner

by derekdeedman on 27 April, 2016

Save Steyning is an action group made up of local people that oppose the creation of a quarry at Ham Farm less than a mile from Steyning Leisure Centre.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) plans to allow the extraction of 850000 tonnes of sand from this site; generating air, noise and light pollution; significantly increasing Heavy Goods Vehicle traffic through villages in the area and leaving a landfill of inert waste in its place.

Find more info on these plans on pages 75, 76 and Appendix C of the Draft Joint Minerals Plan

Please sign our petition today and let West Sussex County Council know that you oppose this, we only have until the 17th June 2016 to let decision makers know how we feel. Register your opposition with WSCC directly here:

The petition can be found: –
The petition will be delivered to:

5 Responses

  1. Sue Baxter says:

    I knew nothing of the Ham Farm plan till today and feel the council should have made the plans more widely known. thank you for your efforts. I have signed the petition and completely oppose the idea of this quarry and subsequent landfill.

    • Vicki Mills says:

      Where did you find the petition Sue? I’ve spent ages reading up about this appalling proposal, but can’t find the actual petition itself.

  2. John says:


    I signed the petition outside the Steyning on the recent election day. I signed on the understanding from the lady who spoke to me that the site would eventually contain landfill such as the one in Small dole. However i cannot find any mention of this in the draft document. Maybe you can tell me where it definately states this will happen or have i been mislead?

    • Chris says:

      I think this is most of the trouble when you see landfill. It will be nothing like small dole. It will be filled with inert waste. Now in layman terms. Back filled with MUD.

  3. JANET AIDIN says:

    Twenty years ago the Wiggonholt Association was formed and conducted a similar campaign to the Save Steyning campaign opposing a rather larger soft sand site at Wiggonholt intended for the last County Minerals Local Plan. We succeeded.

    We are now an environmental charity and have objected to the inclusion of Ham Farm in the current Joint Minerals Local Plan draft We are also focusing on silica sand from the Folkestone Beds (one of the suggested silica sites is near us at Pulborough) and the supremely important safeguarding of the south coast landing harbours for sea-dredged aggregate. Traditionally this marine aggregate has been ‘sharp’ sand and gravel, but soft sand has now been identified under the sea and is being dredged. Sea-dredged aggregate will be instrumental in the preservation of our countryside and its valuable landscapes in future. .

    Good luck to the Save Steyning campaign from The Wiggonholt Association.

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