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LIb Dems standing up for the rights of EU citizens

by derekdeedman on 28 January, 2017

On Thursday peers debated the issue of the UK Withdrawal from the EU and Potential Withdrawal from the Single Market on the rights of European Union citizens living in this country and the United Kingdom’s future economic requirements.

Robin Teverson warned that whilst the Conservative Party may pitch themselves as the party of families they are risking the break up of many UK families who include EU citizens. He told peers:

“As part of the so-called great repeal Bill, will the spouses and civil partners of European citizens residing in the UK, who we hope will have the right to remain and work in this country, still be able to reside with them and their families after we leave the European Union?”

Jonny Oates, added:

“The truth is that very few senior members of the Government seem to recognise the devastating impact of their failure to act to address these uncertainties. Indeed, the Minister for International Trade is so indifferent to this human aspect that he referred to the status of EU citizens as our “main cards” in negotiations. How shameful—how scandalous—and what callous indifference it shows to the impact on the lives of so many people. What a blot on the reputation of this country.”

Julie Smith ended the debate saying:

“The NHS, financial services, the agricultural sector, higher education—people in all those areas have already expressed concerns that if we lose the benefits of EU nationals who are here, we will face problems. It is vital for the British economy that we keep some sort of rights of free movement of labour—free movement of people may not be there if we are outside the European Union—which will be beneficial to the UK economy.” 

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