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Conservative election leaflet – words not actions

by derekdeedman on 2 May, 2017

Whilst the Conservative candidate for Bramber  Castle headlines his latest leaflet with ‘Actions speaking louder than words’, one of his claimed successes was not his, another action by Horsham District Council could have been prevented by him, but was not, and a spectactular inaction was not even mentioned (no surprise there I suppose!).

The removal of three speed humps in Bramber High Street and subsequent resurfacing was a scheme fought for many years by me which eventually I succeeded in included in the Highway Works programme. The work took place after I retired as County Councillor for Bramber Castle, but for the Conservative candidate to claim my success as his shows how little he has actually achieved during his four years on the County Council.

Introduction of off-street car parking charges in Steyning by Horsham District Conservatives will have an impact on the vitality of Steyning High Street. The County Conservative candidate claims is that ‘he is no fan’, yet he could have helped stop this. The introduction of these car parking charges had to be approved by the Chanctonbury County Committee – but he and his Conservative colleagues on the Committee refused to act and so allowed the charges to be introduced.

Finally there is no mention of the inclusion of the Ham Farm quarry in the County Minerals Plan approved by the County Conservatives. This was a possiblity I had raised some years ago when I was the County Councillor and the current Conservative Councillor was a member of Steyning Parish Council. Yet when consultation took place on the draft Minerals Plan it seems that he took no action, but then it appears claimed he had no knowledge of the proposal when the site was included in the proposed Minerals Plan after consultations had taken place.





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