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Arundel & South Downs Constituency – Who should you vote for on 8 June if you are not a Tory?

by derekdeedman on 6 June, 2017

Voters in Arundel & South Downs may see this comment as being negative, but in the General Elections I represented the Lib Dems in this constituency (2001, 2005, 2010)  I increased my share of the vote at each election, but highest vote I achieved was 28% in 2010. The Labour candidate at that time was second and polled less than 10%. In contrast the Tory candidate polled over 50% of the vote every time (60% in 2015).


Shweta Kapadia, the Lib Dem candidate this time  is an excellent candidate who, if she won would represent the people of Arundel & South Downs in the same way as she has on the District Council in the area where she lives (normally a Tory area).Unfortunately she cannot win in Arundel & South Downs, even if all the non-Tories voted for her (or any of the other opposition candidates – this is the 8th safest Tory seat in the country).


In these circumstances local people should vote for the Party which most represents their views, irrespective of where the candidates live. Sadly only the Tory will win here and so it does not matter where the other candidates live or what they currently do.


Should, in the future, a non-Tory fight a long campaign over a number of elections, become known as the person who really knows the issues and concerns of the residents of Arundel & South Downs and works hard  to resolve them, then probably the remaining Tory vote would be less than 50% by that time, and a tactical vote might enable that person to win and beat the Tory.


I understand that there is also a Mid Sussex District by-election in Hassocks on the same day as the General Election. In the recent County Council elections in Hassocks the Liberal Democrat candidate won. So whichever way you vote in the General Election, I hope you will be able to vote for our Lib Dem candidates for the District Council to end the current situation of all the District Councillors in Mid Sussex  being Tories.


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