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Minerals Plan – could Ham Farm still be in the frame for soft sand extraction?

by derekdeedman on 25 May, 2018

The County Council, as the minerals planning authority and the waste planning authority, is required to prepare mineral and waste local plans for the parts of West Sussex outside the South Downs National Park.

The current Scheme has been updated to cover the period 2018-2021.

The Joint Minerals Local Plan (JMLP) will replace the adopted West Sussex Minerals Local Plan (2003). The JMLP is scheduled for adoption in July 2018.

In addtion the County Council now has to commence a Single Issue Soft Sand Review of the JMLP. This single issue review will consider the strategy for soft sand in West Sussex, and will include strategic site allocations to meet any identified need. This review, once adopted, will replace specific sections of the Joint Minerals Local Plan.

Time period covered: from adoption to 2033.

Geographic coverage: West Sussex (including the area covered by the South Downs National Park (SDNPA).

Timetable (indicative and subject to agreement with the SDNPA)

Call for sites, evidence gathering, and undertaking relevant technical studies. July – December 2018 

Informal public and stakeholder consultation (Reg. 18 stage) for period of eight weeks January – March 2019 Subject to Cabinet Member approval

It is clearly vital, this time, that Steyning Parish Council and the County Councillor for Bramber Castle become involved at this  stage to ensure that Ham Farm is not included as a potential site! 

Summarising representations/preparation of Proposed Submission Draft and Final Sustainability

Appraisal Report April – June 2019

Representations period (Reg. 19) on Proposed Submission and Final Sustainability

Appraisal Report for period of eight weeks July – August 2019 Subject to approval at Full Council

Summarising representations/preparation of Submission Plan and Final Sustainability

Appraisal Report August – September 2019

Submission of final document and Sustainability Appraisal Report to Secretary of State September 2019

Preparation for Public Examination Hearing October – November 2019

Pre-Meeting (as required) November 2019

Public Examination Hearing December 2019

Modifications Representations period (where necessary) for period of eight weeks February – April 2020 Subject to approval at Full Council

Receive Inspector’s Report It is assumed that no reconvened hearings would be necessary. The timetable will be amended accordingly if they are required. May – June 2020

Adoption July 2020 Subject to approval at Full Council

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